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At Anna Global, our 5 years of experience, global reach, progressive technology, and professional call center agents allow our clients access to world-class services, lower capital costs, and improved skill sets. It is our mission to deliver quality services to our clients, helping them to open the door to new and exciting opportunities.
    Why Outsource ?     

By outsourcing with Anna Global, you are letting the experts do the work. This means you can free internal resources to focus on your core competencies. This lets you focus on what you know best. Also, you can gain access to advanced technologies and unlimited capacity, without having to endure excessive capital costs. Finally, through outsourcing you gain the flexibility to expand as fast as you need, enabling you to accelerating your time to market.
    So, why outsource to Anna Global ?     

Because your customers need you 24/7/365.
The rules of business have changed. Customers, partners, and suppliers do business around the clock. They demand that you are there to answer questions when they have them. With Anna Global, your customers are able to reach you in person, and when it is most convenient for them.

Because of our people.
Anna Global has over 5 years of experience in the call center industry. Our management team and technology professionals are experts at what they do. Our call center agents undergo a demanding recruitment process to ensure we hire only the best. Once part of the team, they undergo one-on-one training and a Sales and Customer Service Certification Course to ensure they fully qualified and can drive your account goals. Our people are always friendly and professional, continuously presenting your best image to your clients.

Because we are flexible.
At Anna Global we understand that your business is constantly changing. If your marketing campaign begins to soar and doubles the capacity you require, how quickly can you hire new agents and implement new technology? Then, if in the following month your needs reduce to normal levels, are you prepared to let those hard-to-recruit agents go? Our outsourcing services and solutions are designed to provide you with maximum flexibility. We have a large pool of qualified agents to draw from, and who can quickly adapt to your needs without you having to endure the costs of a changing business environment.

Because you only pay for what you use.
With Anna Global you pay only for those services that you use. This means we can provide you with the most efficient and cost effective method for providing call center support to your customers.

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